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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Giving out another award

I want to pass my inspiration blog award onto Ingvild Bolme.

Her blog is amazing to me and when I go there and look at all her beautiful creations I see so many new ways to look at life and how to capture it in timeless scrapbook pages. 

Now that you have received the award, copy the part of this post written in bold into your blog post and copy the Inspiration Blog Award to be placed on your blog at your discretion.  Next you pass on the award to someone else. 

I am going to look for blogs that inspire me no matter how much bling, posts, links, etc they have on them.  If I see something that actually invokes a change in they way I look at the world or how I think about papercrafts or if  the person says or creates something that brings about novel ideas in me then they get the award.  I will post their first name and a link to their blog.  I will leave them a message on their blog letting them know what I thought was so inspiring.  Then, on my blog,  I will write five or more sentences describing what kinds of things inspire me, what do I do with the inspiration and how can I pay it forward to others.

Here's what inspires me:
I am inspired by everyday people who do things that encourage me to be a better mother and wife.  I like to take the inspiration I get from them and bless others with it.  I also take the opportunity to let the person who inspired me, know that they touched my heart and that I appreciate what they do.  I feel a connection with the person be it a local friend, a distant friend, or an internet-based friend.  I take the inspiration and put my own twist on it to preserve the magic of their craft or their ideas and mine.  I pay this inspiration forward by serving others, even if it is as close as my own home.  I try to inspire others and let them know that we all have talents and need to work on discovering them by trying all kinds of creative and healthy outlets.

Have a Great Day!

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