Click on any of the projects in the slideshow below to view them. Scroll down the page to see my blog entries. Leave me a comment and let me know what your personal website is so I can come visit you!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Possible Return???

Hi all,
I have been gone for 5 years!  I have a lot to tell you, but not today.  I have acquired more interests and want to start being more active with posting more craft sites and projects.
If you click on any links and they are not working, let me know and I will remove them.

I would love to know about any new craft/art sites so go ahead and leave links in a comment to blogs and websites that you think would fit within the craft/art universe. I will check them out and link them if they look helpful.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Altered Record Case

A good friend of mine has a daughter who is getting married, well, today!  She had me make a card receiving spot nestled inside an altered record case. 

I sewed little pockets and added them to make the case into a suitcase.  I also distressed travel stickers and added them to the outside of the case.  I used some printed maps and a little passport to dress up the inside.  Then I stretched the pink satin ribbon across the top and hung the letters with mini clothe pins.  The letters were cut with the Cricut Imagine.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Jesus Phrase Book

Here are some pictures from a Jesus phrase-book that I made last year.  I made all of the papers, images, and letters with the Cricut Imagine using the Imagine More Cartridge.
I used the Bind-it-All to make it into a mini book.  The book pages are made out of flattened, empty toilet paper rolls.  The phrase tags are made out of upcycled cereal box cardboard and covered with paper with the printed words on them.  Each page is inked and I used fibers to accent the binding.  The song that is spread throughout the pages is, I Surrender All.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

40 Days In The Word

Hi all!
My Tuesday Bible Study group is studying Rick Warren's 40 Days in the Word and part of this study is to do a group project inspired by Micah 6:8,

Micah 6:8

The Message (MSG)
 8But he's already made it plain how to live, what to do,
   what God is looking for in men and women.
It's quite simple: Do what is fair and just to your neighbor,
   be compassionate and loyal in your love,
And don't take yourself too seriously—
   take God seriously.

As a group we are making care packages for people in the military that are family members of our church members.  In addition to that we are making care packages for local nursing homes.  As part of these care packages, we will be making some hand made cards for the recipients as well as some blank cards to encourage the military people to write their families. 

We want to show these people they are not forgotten and that we want to love them, even if from a distance.

There is a list of projects, for your friends and family, of suggestions for ways to bless your community!  Check it out!

I will try to post some pics of the cards when we finish them.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Virtual Pin Boards

Hey Ya'll!
If you haven't heard of Pinterest and Craftgawker, then you had better listen up! If you thought Facebook and Angry Birds were addicting, these sights are like window shopping and stealing great articles from the doctor's office magazines in one!  It's a place for you, your friends and family as well as your favorite sites share images of everything, EVERYTHING, you love!  Your crafts, your favorite makeup, your dream home, places you've been, quotes, you name it! 

Sign up and invite all of your social network friends to join, too!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Handmade Holidays Blog Hop Going on Now!

Click here to go to the Zutter Bind It All Blog!
Add caption

Monday, September 12, 2011

Well Show Us Some Digital Layouts, Lady!

I made these layouts with StoryBook Creator Plus 3.0 and the Discover Power Palette in Digital. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

God's Love

I just made my first ever, mini-book with my Bind-It All, my Cricut Imagine, and cardboard toilet paper rolls!

Country Carnival Imagine Cartridge
4 empty toilet paper rolls flattened:  leave the last roll the full length and cut each successive roll going toward the top by removing 3/4 of an inch, then 1 1/2, then 2 1/4 respectively. 
Cut four pieces of cardboard to fit inside each of the flattened toilet rolls with at least 1/2 sticking out for scripture tags and attaching the letters L O V E.
hole puncher or binding tool and accessories.  I used the 3/4 in O wire with the Bind-It All
double sided tape
computer printed words and Bible Scripture.  Leave 3/4 of an inch from the right edge of the quote free from wording to attach the letters.  See below

I also decorated the back but forgot a picture of it! 
I am finally starting to have a lot of fun with my Imagine!  This piece may go up for sale!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Exciting Launch of New Cricut Blog

http://cricutblog.org/Hey folks!  Sorry it has been months since I have posted!  I have been so busy with the kids and serious horrible colds and honest craft burnout that I couldn't even look at scrapbooking stuff without throwing up in my mouth a little.  That's what happens when I get really sick and depressed from being sick. 
ANYWAY........the reason you are reading this post.....Cricut is launching a new blog and it looks to be pretty terrific and is inspired by the Cricut Circle DT.  Check it out here.

Hope to see you soon!  I had to get my Imagine print cartridges replaced and now I am back in business!

Monday, January 17, 2011

In Pursuit of the Picture

I am not sure if any of you know but I can juggle! Really! And I bet you can too! So with all the bowling pins, flaming torches, and swords that you've already got flying around your head, it might be fun to add to your crafting pursuits, some graphic arts and photographic know-how!

Now, my educational bend is in the Marriage and Family Therapy and Psychology world and although I can read the directions for operating a digital camera, my degrees don't translate to knowing everything in the whole wide world! Really!

With that said, I am trying to learn as much as I can about graphic design and photography for free! I am studying others' work, and finding out what theory drives their creations. To some that sounds like I'm trying to suck the beauty out of the rainbow, but if I'm going to create the way I want, and I can't afford to submit myself to an expert, then it's time to surf the waves of the web!

I came across an article about how to take effective photographs. I liked it, maybe you will find it helpful, too! Alibony.com

I also found a couple links for studying the concept of "The Rule of Thirds".  You can google it as "rule of thirds".
Digital Photography School.com

You can also google terms like "design elements, design principles, photography 101", etc.

I also discovered this great tool for finding coordinating colors for my pictures, Scrapbook.com Scrap By Color.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Made Out Like a Bandit!

This past week on the 7th, I turned 36!  I had a very scrappy Birthday!  I wanted to share some of the stuff that I was blessed with: a Zutter Bind It All and many different colors of binding wires. The actual products I got are like the pictures below but the o-rings were different. The Zutter came with a DVD, instructions and even template cards to help you figure out where to set the binder for different thicknesses. I also got the space bar that helps bring the holes closer to the edge of the paper.  It also came with a 4 x 4 sample book kit and a 6 x 6 book kit.  These kits included chipboard and white paper already cut.   My hubby got them at Flip Flops and Roses Designs, an e-Bay top-rated seller who also sell Sizzix and Spellbinders.  The have all
kinds of great stuff.

I also got a mini sewing machine with a pedal that can use DC or AA batteries.  It does a regular chain stitch.  I also got a Martha Stewart scoring board and envelope tool.

I was also blessed with 4 new Cricut blades which I really needed. I had been talked into just trying Pazzles blades in it because they were cheaper by some other crafter, but the adjustments I had to make were not worth the cost to me. I also received Michael's Gift Certificates and I had some online credit I used to order some supplies from Scrapbook.com.

I also got some great scrapbook supplies in the mail yesterday from an up and coming Scrapbook designer. I was given these supplies by Groovy Deb at If It's Groovy. I am so excited and we will be sharing who this special crafter is and what the If It's Groovy Design Team has made with her designs very soon, so stay posted!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Winner of Blog Candy!

I used www.random.org to choose a winner for the blog candy I had.  Thanks for all the future blog candy ideas and for sharing with me whether or not you do resolutions and what your goals are for 2011.  I pray that all of you get your hearts desires!

Now for the winner.  I had 13 non-repeating original comments and so entered 1-13 in the random number generator.

So the 7th person to comment was Karen Patterson!  I left a message over at your blog, too, so let me know your e-mail addy so I can get your home addy and send the goodies out! 
Check out her blog Treasured Dreams.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Couple Favorites

I forgot to add this at the beginning of the year!  My bad! And Blogger erased half of the ones I put in my post for recaps and most of the fashion and trend links I had up!  Argh!

At the end of each year, many full-time bloggers do recaps of their favorite posts and videos.  Will I be doing that?  No, not this year.  I just started doing videos and now that I fave figured out how to do them and how much time it takes, I need to iron out the kinks in my process!  So maybe that is a goal for next year!  Anyhoo.... my forte is to share with you some of those bloggers who are doing recaps!

Top 12 Cricut Crafting Videos of 2010 by Above Rubies Studio

Everyday Cricut Best Cricut Projects/Cartridges of 2010

Joy's Life updated Cricut Cartridge Checklist

Pink Cricut top favorite posts of 2010

I am also going to post links to some of the sites which showcase what is to be hot in the fashion world for the next few months and throughout the year. 
Color Trends from Squidoo

Friday, December 31, 2010

Blog Candy!

Thank you everyone, for helping me reach more than 100 followers, in fact 141! I have blog candy for one lucky person. Go tell it on the mountain, in the valleys, at the beach and in the cafe's that I am giving away some blog candy! Become a follower leave a comment you are a follower new or loyal and tell me your New Year resolution. I want to reach 200 followers so I can give away another prize!
The candy for this blog is a K & Companay Mini Book Kit from one of my favorite designers, Barbara Walton. This mini book kit is worth $10. Since I just do this for fun and don't have a DT or sponsers and such I would like to offer blog candy here and there, but don't have a huge budget. To get more bang for my buck and yours, too, let me know what kinds of fun little things that cost about $10 or so that you'd like to see offered as blog candy. I also make jewelry and wonder, would any of you like to see some of my custom jewelry as prizes? My other blog Patriot Beads has some of my projects featured for an idea of my style.

So on with the candy!
Here it is
I found this little kit at Memory Lane in Missoula, MT, my hometown, while I was visiting this summer.  Their store is so cool and the owners are really sweet!  I love flying 1600 miles to give them my business so they'll stay in business and be there when I move back!  How selfish!  JK!

Recap: How to win; follow, sign-up for e-mail  newsletter ( if ya wanna!), post a comment saying you are a follower and let me know your New Year resolution.  And just for fun let me know what kind of $10 and under blog candy you might like to see; cardmaking, scrapbooking, etc!  UPDATE:  I forgot to add when the chances to win will end, duh!!!  I will close this drawing on January 7th, which by the way happens to be my birthday!  I'll be 36! Yikes!  So midnight PST on Jan 7th I will close the drawing for blog candy!

Happy New Year!

Thanks and good luck!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011 Calendar Blog Hop With Video Now!

It's finally here!  The 2011 Calendar Blog Hop!  So glad you could make it.  I hope you all are having a great Holiday Season and are planning to ring in the New Year with lots of fun and love!

You should be coming to this blog from Michelle at Peanut Butter and Jelly Designs  http://peanutbutterandjellydesigns.blogspot.com/.  If you have just happened upon this blog hop and would care to start at the beginning go to Celeste at Touched by a Butterfly at   http://touchedbyabutterfly.blogspot.com/.  

The Grand Prize Blog Candy is a brand-new Designer’s Calendar Cartridge, donated by Karelj at One By One The Flamingos Are Stealing My Sanity.  In order to be eligible to win, you need to leave a comment on each and every stop on the hop, along with a way for her to contact you.  She will choose a winner by random.org on the 31st and announce it on her blog, as well as contacting the winner personally.

Here's the entire blog line-up for you to visit from December 28th-December 30th:
1. January and April: Celeste at Touched by a Butterfly at   http://touchedbyabutterfly.blogspot.com/

2.  January and September:  Jessica at  Overjoyed Scrapper  www.overjoyedscrapper.blogspot.com
 3. February: Christel at Scrappin' Sista  http://onescrappinsista.blogspot.com
 4. February and March: Karelj at One By One The Flamingos Are Stealing My Sanity   http://karelj.blogspot.com
 5. March and July: Diane at Crafting This Moment  http://www.craftingthismoment.blogspot.com/
 6. April: Bonnie at A Scrap Above  http://ascrapabove.blogspot.com
 7. May: Michelle at Peanut Butter and Jelly Designs  http://peanutbutterandjellydesigns.blogspot.com/

 8. (You Are Here!)  May:  Natalie at Timeless Legacy Designs  http://timelesslegacydesigns.blogspot.com 

 9. June: Lisa at Lisa's Paper Butterflies  http://lisaspaperbutterflies.blogspot.com
 10. June: Jamie at Glitter, Paper, Stamps, Oh My!    http://jamieisacraftymomma.blogspot.com/
 11.  July: Summer and Jennifer at Cricut Diaries  http://cricutdiaries.blogspot.com
 12. August: Denise at Starlight Scrapper  http://starlightscrapper.blogspot.com
 13. August: Gina at Gina Thornton Stamping  http://ginathorntonstamping.blogspot.com/
 14. September: Deb at If It's Groovy http://ifitsgroovy.blogspot.com
 15. October: Rebecca at Creations with Becka  www.creationswithbecka.blogspot.com
 16 . October: Lora at Notes From The Scrapbook Lady   http://scrpbooklady.blogspot.com/
 17. November: Belinda at Queen Bee's Musings  www.queenbeesmusings.blogspot.com
 18. November and December : Col at Col's Creative Corner at www.scrappycol.blogspot.com
19. December: Deb at Tidbit's Place  http://tidbitsplace.blogspot.com

For my project I decided to make a 2 part video tutorial and it is finally finished! I have left up the written directions and pictures for those who don't care to watch the videos.  Enjoy!  Make sure to leave a comment after you've watched what you like of the video and let Karel know that you visited my blog to be eligible to win.  Feel free to become a follower, too!

After this blog hop is over I have blog candy I will be giving away as I have passed my goal of 100 followers. check back for a post about that and leave a comment to become eligible to win my blog candy after December 30th.  I also have made my blog post updates available in e-mail format so don't forget to sign up for those, too!  If you have any questions regarding supplies or techniques you see in the videos feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment.

Material List:
K & Company Que Sera Sera paper pad
Coordinating Cardstock in pink and ivory
Stampin Up! Inks, chalks and pens: Bold Brights and Earth Elements
Stamp sentiments
Stamp numbers
Stamp flower
Sticker Sentiment-preferably clear
Butterfly die cuts
May die cut
Chalk blending sticks
Floral vellum for picture mats two 3.5 x 3.5 mats and one 4 x 5
Copy of lined or graph paper on cardstock
Embossed or cursive writing on foil, vellum or paper
White gel/chalk pen
Paper cutter
Distress inks in coordinating colors
Tan vellum cut in 1/2 in strips
White vellum cut in 3/4 in strips
Stickles in coordinating colors
Dictionary words with definitions of Springtime words 3-6 
Pop dots

 1) 12 x 12 page of green paper, upper left area use white gel pen to draw 1/4 in grid lines about 3 inches in and 6 inches down
2) 3 x 2.5 pink cardstock, use white gel pen to draw lines for journaling 1/4 in apart, distress edges, attach to page.  Stamp with pink or orange ink with a flower stamp and then sentiment stamp.  Add 1/2 in by 5 in vellum strip.  Use tape dispenser to give jagged edge.
3) Bottom of page, 12 x 2 1/4 strip of graph looking blue paper or similar, distress edges, attach
4)  6 x 3 piece of paper in light orange behind "May", distress edges and add over blue and green paper on lower left corner.
5) Cardstock with graph or lined paper design, 3 x 2.5 in size, distress edges, add to lower left
6)Add 8 x 8 piece of embossed/printed handwriting paper about 3 1/4 in from left edge.  Cut 7 1/4 by 4 in dark pink and distress edge.  Add it to page lining up with left most edge of handwriting paper, overlapping on it.
7) 6 x 3 1/2 piece of ivory cardstock, handwrite a letter, fold it up, wrinkle it, distress it and add to right side in middle of page leaving 3 1/4 from the bottom.
8)Cut orange patterned paper in 2 1/5 x 5 and rip one of the shorter ends to face to the right.  Distress all edges and attach to top right corner overlapping letter and pink paper
9)Cut 8 1/2 in piece of paper to taper from right at 1/2 in to left at 3/4 in, rip the left edge and distress all edges.  Add to top of layout going from right to left overlapping orange and pink papers.
10) Cut out "May" from coordinating pattern paper, distress, add glitter, add on top of light orange paper leaving part of the "y" unglued to fit picture under
11) Add small paper with "2011" stamped on it, distress edges
12) Add fake tape tan vellum 1 x 1/2 in cut with tape dispenser, to top right corner 1/2 in from top, flush with right side and stamp with sentiment.  Add fake tape tan vellum 2 3/4 x 1/2 to right side of pink paper, cutting with tape dispenser, add fake white vellum tape 1 1/2 x 3/4 in cut with tape dispenser to top of light orange paper above "May", add fake white vellum tape 2 1/4 x 3/4 in cut with tape dispenser to bottom left of pink paper.
13) Stamp sentiment above "May"
14)Cut two butterflies in one design and three in another and use chalks to add characteristics.  May use stickers or punches.  Add glitter to accent.  Add wire antennae to butterflies.  Put two most similar in size on grid paper on lower left and add stamped sentiment in coordinating colors.  Add two of the larger butterflies to the top of the aged letter overlapping the orange paper near top right.  Add smallest butterfly to lower right of the aged letter.
15) Add 3-6 cut out dictionary definitions to bottom right corner overlapping some of the different papers.  Use scanner to get words and print onto acid free paper of coordinating color or find vellum or stickers with similar format.
16) Place 5 x 4 floral vellum mat toward the top in the middle at a skewed angle and the two  3 1/2 x 3 1/2 mats trickling down the page barely overlapping each other. 
Now for the bottom
1) 12 x 12 page of coordinating pink paper for background
2) Cut flower die cuts for special days in varying colors, distress with inks and enhance with glitter.  Handwrite the special day title on the flower.  Stamp the date on the flower.  Cut out Birthday cakes or other icons for other special days if you wish. 
3) Cut remaining days out of a lighter patterned paper suitable for writing at 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 in and distress edges. Stamp the remaining dates on the squares.
4) Cut out Days of Week whole word or beginning of word and use layers to make them pop off page.  I used Gypsy Wanderings font.
5) Practice by arranging where the squares and flowers will go and then use white gel pen to make lines for additional notes, even adding the word "Notes:"
6) Find a suitable quote in clear sticker or stamp and put it on a coordinating piece of paper.
7) Adhere all flowers and squares when you are happy with their placement. 

Whew....I believe that is a quick and dirty description of how to do this page.  If you need any other help with this page or the techniques let me know.  I scraplifted this page from a printed page by K & Company from the Cut and Paste pad.  
I hope you enjoyed this and let me know where I go to see yours!  Happy Hopping!  Next you are off to Lisa at Lisa's Paper Butterflies  http://lisaspaperbutterflies.blogspot.com.



Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thank You Gift Blog Hop Entries Closed - Winner Announced!

I wanted to thank everyone who stopped by my blog and commented on my project for the Thank You Gift Blog Hop hosted by Joy at Joy's Life!  I had a great time and loved all of your comments!  Thanks to you who became followers, which helped me reach my goal of 100 followers! Now I get to trek down to Michael's and pick out some blog candy and I'll be doing that this week!  Just been a tad busy with hops and kids!

Anyway.....Now for the winner....I used Random.org to pick a winner from 75 different people who commented and here's what it showed.....
 And who is the 61st commenter..........hold on I had to scroll for....a....min....ute.....
Anna D.
You and your daughter did an awesome job!!! Just adorable!!!
Thanks for the chance to win. 

You are welcome, Anna! Congratulations! Let's hear it for the girl!  Thanks again everyone and good luck next time!  I will be e-mailing you, Anna, and getting your mailing info!  Buy some popcorn, it's movie time!  


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Update Post for Thank You Gift Blog Hop

I will be drawing the winner for the Thank You Gift Blog Hop on Tuesday so that all of my weekend warrior scrapping sisters and the occasional brother can leave comments and enter to win!

Please tell all of your friends to stop by and see my blog and become a follower as well. I will be giving away some blog candy when I reach 100 followers.  I will be searching for some fun stuff to give away and I will post a separate blurb for you all to leave me some congrats and enter to win so stay posted!!!

"Thank You" Gift Blog Hop!

Welcome to Timeless Legacy Designs by Natalie McBroom, that's me!  I am so glad you are hopping along with all of us today and I hope you are enjoying all the "Thank You" gift ideas that are being presented to you today!

If you've just stumbled upon my blog and would like to start from the beginning of this hop then start at Joy's Life and then follow the links all the way to the end!  Don't forget to leave comments as there will be prizes!   

For my "Thank You" gift I decided to make a little gift bag with goodies for the new hair stylist I met at my local salon, "Details".  It's a small world where I live, she knew my in-laws and was really sweet to me and my little girl.  She gave me a great cut and style.  I plan on going back to her and I wanted to bless her with a little gift of Christmas love!  I wanted to picture the goody bag by my one and only Santa.  My late grandmother Mildred gave this to me and she was one of the people in my life who really demonstrated a giver's heart.  She'd love that I am doing crafts and sharing them with others!
Here's the details of the bag: I used my Gypsy and Expression for this project.  I cut the bag using one of the bags on Plantin Schoolbook.  The paper is K&Co, Secret Santa.  The lightbulb tag is from Very Merry Tags.  The Ho Ho Ho ribbon is from Michael's last year.  The Christmas tree window is a cut I welded into the bag from the Christmas Solutions Cartridge which was part of the free download from Cricut found here and it is going on until December 31st. I adhered a rectangle of clear material cut from a piece of a "report cover" that you can buy at office supply stores.  I found it was more affordable than transparency sheets.  I used Stickles in Candy Cane and Holly to make Christmas lights on the clear material.  I used Stardust Stickles on the tag.  I forgot to let them dry more before I took the picture, but they are beautiful once dried.  If you have never tried Stickles grab some on sale at your craft store and you'll be hooked.  I got all 35 original colors at a great deal on eBay. 

Now for pics of the goodies inside the bag!

I found a website which suggested gifts that would be appreciated by stylists at salons.  I found some great stocking stuffers and gifts at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  I used the coupons I get in the weekly mailer.  I found a marshmallow cupcake lollipop.  It had been dipped in chocolate and then dipped in crushed candy cane pieces.  You could make these from scratch, if you felt inspired!  The lotions are for a stylist's sore feet and dried out hands!  The little notebook is for all the great information she gets from her clients or for words of wisdom she thinks of during the day!  It is travel themed because being a stylist affords one the opportunity to feel like a world traveler without leaving the building due to all the people they meet!

Lastly, my little girl who is 3 1/2 wanted to create her own gift bag as well.  Here is her take on the bag!
Now for the prize!  I'd like to give one lucky blogger the movie "The Nativity Story" to watch.  I purchased this copy at Bed Bath and Beyond and it is a legitimate release wrapped in cellophane and not a bootleg copy!  I loved this movie and it will put you in the Christmas Spirit for sure!   All you need to do is leave a comment and your e-mail on this post for a chance to win the movie.  If you'd like, put your blog link as well and I'll come visit your blog!
Thanks for stopping by today!  If you like my blog, feel free to let me know, become a follower, grab my button to the right and tell others about my site.  Don't forget to sign up to receive my e-mail newsletter.  I regularly post about other blogs, giveaways, techniques, challenges, and just fun paper crafting finds, sales, contests, news and what not! 

Now on to the next blog: Raven at http://love4stamps.blogspot.com/
Here's the complete list of blogs for your reference:
Joy http://joyslife.com/
Ruthie  http://septemberninth.blogspot.com/
Angela http://creativecraftin.blogspot.com
Carrie http://thegreenbeanscrafterole.blogspot.com
Denise http://cricutmyway.blogspot.com/
Gale  http://www.thehappystamper.com/
Janis http://pausedreamenjoy.blogspot.com
Jen   http://scrapaholicjen.blogspot.com
Jenny http://crazyaboutcricut.blogspot.com
Jin  http://underacherrytree.blogspot.com
Julie http://cricutchick.blogspot.com
Lori http://scrappinmystressaway.blogspot.com
Mari (Momo)  http://madebymomo.blogspot.com
Misty http://abusyplace.blogspot.com
Natalie (ME) http://timelesslegacydesigns.blogspot.com
Raven http://love4stamps.blogspot.com/
Theresa http://www.thescrapbookingqueen.com/
Tracy http://www.craftjunkietoo.com/
Yolanda http://yoliebean.blogspot.com


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