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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Experiment - Mwah Haa Haa Haaaaa! Okay, it's just skittles again!

Okay, as I sit in my little, tiny, corner of the States, I don't get to meet a lot of cutting edge scrapartists who might direct me to the latest and greatest, this and that!   I rely heavily on the internet to bring me inspiration and new techniques.  I have been hearing for some time about "skittles" not "stickles", which by the way I haven't used yet!  That will be another story!
I looked up these skittles on forums and such, but couldn't get a lot of information on them. Turns out they are called Dew Drops as well and who knows how many other names.   So here's what I think they are after much searching, mind you I may be years behind what all of you already know.  They are clear, little, 1/4 in plastic cabochon-like pieces that are either sold in the florist supplies, like the ones I got, or they are precolored and sold in packages at craft stores.  I have yet to see them sold in packages at my craft store.  Here are some links My Pink Stamper    Your Memories Here    Alcohol Ink Reference Guide   Alcohol Ink Techniques  Technique Details    Pezadoodle   Rubber Stamp Chat   Home Made Inks  Mel Stampz    Alcohol Ink  The Robin's Nest  The Scrapbook Hut   The Frugal Crafter

Here's where I actually get to do the experimenting.  I have heard that you can color them with food coloring as well.  I have a ton of gel food coloring not being used and it is getting old.  I bought a bag of the clear florist cabochons and I will see what I can make.  So I am going to see what I can use for a fixative or maybe the plastic will absorb the color.  Wish me luck and if you have any hints or advice with this method, let me know!!!
P.S. I heard  this works for the ink:
One package of Rit dye (Powder)
Baby food jar
Rubbing alcohol
Put dye in jar, and add rubbing alcohol to the top of the jar - shake well.
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