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Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Couple Favorites

I forgot to add this at the beginning of the year!  My bad! And Blogger erased half of the ones I put in my post for recaps and most of the fashion and trend links I had up!  Argh!

At the end of each year, many full-time bloggers do recaps of their favorite posts and videos.  Will I be doing that?  No, not this year.  I just started doing videos and now that I fave figured out how to do them and how much time it takes, I need to iron out the kinks in my process!  So maybe that is a goal for next year!  Anyhoo.... my forte is to share with you some of those bloggers who are doing recaps!

Top 12 Cricut Crafting Videos of 2010 by Above Rubies Studio

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Joy's Life updated Cricut Cartridge Checklist

Pink Cricut top favorite posts of 2010

I am also going to post links to some of the sites which showcase what is to be hot in the fashion world for the next few months and throughout the year. 
Color Trends from Squidoo
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