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Monday, January 17, 2011

In Pursuit of the Picture

I am not sure if any of you know but I can juggle! Really! And I bet you can too! So with all the bowling pins, flaming torches, and swords that you've already got flying around your head, it might be fun to add to your crafting pursuits, some graphic arts and photographic know-how!

Now, my educational bend is in the Marriage and Family Therapy and Psychology world and although I can read the directions for operating a digital camera, my degrees don't translate to knowing everything in the whole wide world! Really!

With that said, I am trying to learn as much as I can about graphic design and photography for free! I am studying others' work, and finding out what theory drives their creations. To some that sounds like I'm trying to suck the beauty out of the rainbow, but if I'm going to create the way I want, and I can't afford to submit myself to an expert, then it's time to surf the waves of the web!

I came across an article about how to take effective photographs. I liked it, maybe you will find it helpful, too! Alibony.com

I also found a couple links for studying the concept of "The Rule of Thirds".  You can google it as "rule of thirds".
Digital Photography School.com

You can also google terms like "design elements, design principles, photography 101", etc.

I also discovered this great tool for finding coordinating colors for my pictures, Scrapbook.com Scrap By Color.
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