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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Getting My Craft Room in Order

I spent last week rearranging shelves in my corner of the office/craft room. I also added the embellishment center and some small art pieces.  I will be adding some pink lights and other things as I go, but here's how it looks right now.  It is nothing fancy, but it works for me.  Still playing the lottery to get a big craft room!

If you'll notice the little containers underneath the shelf here; I used Glad plastic containers from Hillshire Farms deli meat containers!  I had tons of them stacking up and I love to use them for storage.  What I did here was: I drilled a small hole through the inside of the lid, exactly in the middle of the lid, to the outside and into the bottom of the shelf. I made sure that the tab from the lid was facing toward me and I left space of 1/4 inch between the lids.  Then I used a small screw to attach the lid to the shelf.  The containers just snap onto the lids and they work like a charm. They kind of suction on the tub part of the container as the middle is drawn up by the screw.  I have some heavy stuff in some of them and the lids just hold on to them!

I plan to put more up as I get the opportunity.  I also plan to get tins to velcro to the sides of the embellishment center, as long as they are not too gaudy!
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