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Friday, September 25, 2009

Hawaii Trip Scrapbook Layouts

I posted some of my layouts from my Hawaiin Vacation scrapbook.  My husband and I had been planning this vacation for months in 2005.  We were going to be going on a whirlwind vacation that year.  First to Missoula, Montana, my hometown, and then home for a bit and then off to Hawaii in late September to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary.
My work would not give me the time off, so I ended up quitting as I was overstressed and miserable anyway.  So we got back from Montana and a couple weeks before we were to leave for Hawaii we found out that we were expecting our little Hannah.
So I still have to scrap the Montana Trip, but I finished the Hawaii one.  It is not a really spectacular book, but I  like it a lot.
Hawaii Trip Scrapbook Layouts

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