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Monday, October 12, 2009

(UPDATE!) This competition ended. Congrats to all who won. Die Cutters and Cricut's 100th cartridge Week #5: Final Week!

I use two cutters.  The Craft ROBO with Funtime Scrapbooking Pro and ROBO Master 5.1.  I have had to take a lot of time to learn this machine, but with the help of all the great Yahoo! Groups and various websites and blogs I am learning how to do more than cut words and weld.

I also have as a new edition to the craft family at my house, the Cricket Create with "Don Juan" cart.  I also got "From My Kitchen".  I love them both!  I have been trying to follow the groups that use this machine and learn how to get the most out of it as well.  I love the cartridges as much as creating my own.  It is the best of both worlds.  If you haven't already, you should check out Provo Craft's Cricut website as they are coming out with new cartridges and innovative gadgets all the time.

Right now they are celebrating their 100th cartridge (Winter Woodland).  Here is a copy of their announcement to win a cartridge.

Help us celebrate our 100th Cricut cartridge—Winter Woodland! That’s right, we reached 100 cartridges. As a thank you for our great Cricut community members we want you to celebrate with us. So, we’re giving away 100 cartridges over the next five weeks (20 per week).

Here’s how it will work.

Each week we will be posting a thread. When you respond to the thread you will be entered to win. You can enter once by replying and you can enter a second time by posting on your blog about the celebration and linking back to the cartridge product page. Here is the link to include in your blog. Once you’ve posted on your blog with the link back you can post again to this thread.

Cricut's 100th Cartridge Product Description

Have a great week.  Natalie

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