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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Adobe Photoshop Elements 8

I am so excited, I got Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 in the mail today!  My dear Hubbs got it as the Deal of The Day on Amazon and then it has a $20 rebate which will bring it to $34.99!  I think our Costco sells it for $80!

One of the reasons I wanted APE 8 is it's ability to open AI files!  This is important when you use a die cutting program like Make the Cut or Sure Cuts A Lot as well as the other programs that go with the various die cutting machines.

If you use APE in any version, you know this program is great for more than pictures, it is also great for digital scrapbooking and making scrapbook sketches.

I would like you to know that I have heard of some people having problems with this product.  I can attest that every once in a while it will freeze and crash.  I can also attest that if I restart my computer before starting this program it usually avoids this type of problem.  I have heard people say they don't like the interface or this and that about it.  However; for what I use this product for, editing photos, creating digital photo creations, and creating scrap sketches, I love it.  I also have used it to convert images into blackouts that I can then save and then cut out on my die cutting machine.  

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