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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Busy week

Today is 9/11 and it seems like ages ago that the Twin Towers were brought down. That year was a pretty terrible one for me. My country was attacked in a devastating way and I was enduring horrible emotional abuse from my new husband in a strange new city and questioning the religious institution I was involved with. I lived way down in San Diego, CA when 9/11 happened and I felt so deeply about these people. I had friends who were not Muslim that were victims of hatred and I saw different ethnic groups react in vast ways to this event. Some were anti-American and were indifferent and apathetic. 

It is so easy to get wrapped up in all the world's events because, let's face it, it affects all of us in a myriad of ways. For this simple woman, it has affected my sense of safety and how I view people and strangers. It has affected my hope in the future of my country and the future of my children. It has affected my spiritual life and has helped my faith grow. I gave my life to Christ, found a husband who appreciates me and haven't looked back.

But in an even more simplistic way, all the world's events have effected the kind of scrapbooking I do! I have sought to create balance and not let scrapbooking take over my life or other crafts for that matter. I have sought to include journaling and pictures in my scrapbooks that tell stories...history, and convey real life as it is or was!
I have also been very careful not to spend too much time envying everyone else's skill level, blog, or craft room inventory. I have been cautious in not letting every fad, theme, tool, embellishment, and craft industry invention suck the money out of me. There will always be pretty things, I tell myself, but I am now an advocate of buying tools and supplies as you have cash for them, not driving up a credit card debt to satisfy a shopping binge! I am going to start going through my papers and start sharing them with others. I suppose the most logical place to do this is on my blog! I'd also love to do swaps with anyone who is looking to get rid of some extra quality paper scraps and supplies and would like some new paper and supplies.

The title of this post is "Busy Week" for a reason. As some of you know I am pregnant and the due date is October 12th. This picture of me was taken about a week ago.  I have about 4 weeks left!
I have gestational diabetes and have been doing fairly well with controlling my sugar, not perfect and I give in to a big bowl of Cinnamon Life and milk sometimes!  I haven't gained any weight which is good since I am over the healthy weight I should be and my appetite is pretty nil....why can't I feel like that when I'm not pregnant!   Anyway, I have to go to the doctor and the hospital once a week for monitoring of the baby.  I am looking forward to meeting my little one and I hope you'll join me in praying for her safe arrival into this world.  I just pray that she is happy and healthy!

I will be blogging and doing projects for If It's Groovy as much as I can, but bonding with baby is number 1!  Right now I am working on a Creative Memories album, girl themed, which happens to have a lot of the pages pre-layered with paper pieces and shapes.  I just have to add pictures, journaling and stickers!

I also received my new issue of Paper Wishes and I am getting some great ideas from their catalog for color combinations and even that crazy Christmas Wish List!!!  Sometimes I use their catalog to just see what new products are out there and which old ones are still available.  I can then look elsewhere on the internet for cheaper prices and if I have a "real" need and money in the bank I might buy a little goodie or two, once in a while!  Check out their website here.
Take care all,
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